Syria Crisis Provokes Internet Sandstorm

Image courtesy of Facebook

On Friday, #syria was trending on Twitter. As the world anticipates Congress’ verdict on a military strike, it takes to social media to vent its opinion, using all the blogs, memes and outright rants at its disposal. Here is the best and worst of the internet’s Syria sandstorm:

Head in the sand?

First off, the conflict in Syria right now is very complicated and confusing. If, like me, you are unsure about what is going on, who is involved, or even where Syria is, then the Washington Post provides a great rundown of the basics in its article 9 Questions about Syria You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask. It’s generally a good idea to familiarize yourself with some basic knowledge of international relations before you let loose on Twitter. You don’t want to end up looking like Boris Johnson…

Boris compares Syria to Nazi Germany, looks like a fool. Again.

Image courtesy of The Guardian

One of the biggest Syria faux pas circulating the inter web right now is that of the mayor of London, Boris Johnson. To those of us  familiar with British politics, this is nothing new. Boris has been playing the loveable buffoon card for years now, but this time he gets it oh so wrong. When asked about the Syria crisis on Channel 4’s ‘The Last Leg’ on Wednesday, Johnson replied “Not even Hitler used chemical weapons as far as I can remember”. Apparently, the millions of Jews, Homosexuals, gypsies, dissidents, and people with disabilities gassed in the Nazi extermination camps just slipped his mind then. Not quite as adorable as when he got stuck on that zip wire, is it?

And the rest!

Everyone’s favorite internet feline, grumpy cat, chips in.

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True to form, The Daily Mail opts for a moderate approach to its coverage by announcing this U.S. conspiracy.


Even the Pope is tweeting about it.


Whether the U.S. decides to impose a military strike or not, I think we can all agree that the country will somehow find peace and solidarity through this ridiculously photogenic Syrian soldier.

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